Observing Night With Carl, Friday, Nov 4th!

We will be having another night of observations on Friday, Nov 4th. Katie has graciously agreed to host us again.

We will be joined by my friend and mentor, Dr. Carl Wenning, retired ISU Physics Education professor and program director, as well as the former ISU Planetarium Director. Carl will be bringing his telescope, which will allow us to make close-up observations of planets, binary stars, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

Carl has probably forgotten more about teaching astronomy and physics than I will ever know, so please clear your calendar and plan to attend! Feel free to invite your non-Astronomy class friends, as well!

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments in Intro to Astronomy are assigned for each chapter, not each lecture.

The due date for each assignment is the date that the next chapter begins.

Example: Chapter 3 begins on Aug 24th, so that is the due date for the Chapter 2 assignment.