Edcamp Roanoke started with a visit to an edcamp in Bloomington a few years back. Since that time, Roanoke-Benson’s technology director, Mike Oliveri, has been looking to bring that same experience to the district and its neighbors.

An edcamp is an opportunity for educators—including teachers, administrators, techs, and more—to meet and share ideas for their classrooms, schools, and districts. The “unconference” model eliminates the pressure of salespeople and potential vendor bias, and has no rigid structure of speakers or pre-planned sessions. Instead, the sessions are built the day of the edcamp as attendees share their interests and expectations for the day. Those are then sorted to build sessions for attendees to collaborate, and notes from each session are shared with everyone via Google Docs.

You can learn more on the Edcamp Foundation website.

Edcamps are a fun and easy means of professional development, and yes, we do provide CPDUs!