Week of August 28th

Correcting work:  If your child misses 4 or more on a worksheet (not a test), she or he may correct it and turn it back in for a better grade.

Websites and Apps that we use in the classroom, and that your child is welcomed to use at home.

https://www.ixl.com/signin/rb60                  https://www.typing.com/

The username for these two sites is your child’s first and last names all lowercase with no space.  The password is a 4digit number that your child has been assigned.  This is the same number he or she uses when taking AR tests.


To access each week’s spelling words, go to the above website, google my name (jessica hubert) and click on it.  All of the lists for the year will come up.  Scroll until you get to the current week.

We have two special projects coming up.  For the first project, your child needs to bring in 24-30 pictures/photos about himself or herself for a special collage.  These pictures can be photos, cut out of magazines, printed from the Internet, etc.  Please send these pictures in by Tuesday, September 5th.  I need a few items for the second project.  We need 5-6 packages of Oreo cookies, 4 cans of white frosting, 1 package of plain, large white paper plates, 1 box of large Ziplock bags, and plastic spoons. These items need to be sent in by Monday, September 11th. Thank you for your support!