Football COOP status

Eureka High School recently announced that it would be joining the Heart of Illinois Conference starting with the 2016-2017 school year.  Because of this change, the existing football COOP between Eureka High School and Roanoke-Benson High School will not be able to continue. The 2015-2016 school year will be the last football season in which the two schools will participate together in the football COOP.  RBHS thanks EHS for the opportunity that was provided to the RBHS students during the tenure of the football COOP.  RBHS wishes EHS the best as EHS becomes part of the Heart of Illinois Conference.

The Soccer COOP between RBHS and EHS will continue.  Recently both school boards approved the continuation of the COOP for two more years.  COOPs have to be reviewed and approved every two years.  Also, the Swimming COOP for boys and girls with EHS, El Paso – Gridley High School and Metamora will continue to be available for student athletes.

Final Exam Schedule

Final exams are being given Monday, June 1, 2015, and Tuesday, June 2, 2015.  Monday is periods 1,3,5,7; Tuesday is periods 2,4,6,8.  The time schedule is listed below.
1st/2nd- 8:20-9:35
3rd/4th- 9:41-10:56
5th/6th- 11:02-12:17
Lunch- 12:17-12:52
7th/8th- 12:55-2:10

Congrats 4×200 relay

Congrats to the L-W R-B 4×200 Relay – advancing to the state finals on Saturday. (All results can be found at

Heat No. 3

1 Arcola 1:29.94Q
Clayton Strader (Jr.), Federico Galaviz (Sr.)
Rigo Rojas (Sr.), Jamie Warren (Sr.)
2 Washburn (Lowpoint-W.) [Coop] 1:31.16q
Luke Rasmuson (Sr.), Brody Hinckle (So.)
Stone Darrow (Jr.), Matt West (Jr.)
3 Rushville (R.-Industry) 1:31.91
Rylan Hynek (Jr.), Basile Buckner (Fr.)
Romuald Kalikat (Sr.), David Buckner (So.)
4 Oneida (ROWVA) [Coop] 1:32.13
Jayson Wheeler (Sr.), Kyle Woodside (Sr.)
Austin Parkinson (So.), Bret Woodside (Fr.)
5 Tremont 1:32.38
Nashawn Webb (Sr.), Nathan O’Connor (Jr.)
Cody Polhemus (Jr.), Eli Larimore (Sr.)
6 Oregon 1:32.46
Konner Wilson (Jr.), Carson Buck (Jr.)
Mitchell Nehrkorn (Jr.), Skylar Short (Sr.)
7 Eureka 1:34.71
Ryan Fogle (So.), Justin Boertlein (Fr.)
Austin Grusy (Sr.), Kevin Mickelson (So.)
8 Dupo 1:35.51
Rob Cunningham (Sr.), Antonio Cozart (Jr.)
Mike Chartrand (Sr.), Alex Ball (Sr.)
9 Johnston City 1:37.10
Hunter Barron (So.), Dustin Long (Jr.)
Luca Gualdoni (Fr.), E.J. Thompson (So.)