Girl’s Basketball


September 8th at 5:00p.m. after practice, there will be a mandatory meeting, for all 6-8th grade girls basketball players and a parent. Coach Weldon and Coach Leman will discuss and go over our rules and our expectations for the 2015 season. Looking forward to this years, Lady Rocket Basketball season!

Girl’s Basketball

Girls Basketball practice begins Monday after school 3:10-5:00.  Girls MUST have  a current physical on file by Monday in order to practice and $50 dollars to office by first game. Pick up a practice schedule in the office this week.

RBJHS PE Uniforms

RB PE Uniforms can be picked up at Sauder Sports (Roanoke Store)  on Saturday Aug 15 from 8:00am until Noon.

The Roanoke Store will also be open on Tuesday August 18 and Thursday August 20 from 4:00pm til 7:00pm

RBJHS Baseball 2015

RBJHS Baseball practice begins Monday, August 3rd. The first practice will be from 7:00-10:30 AM. Shuttle bus will leave Roanoke at 6:45 AM. All players must have a current physical on file or bring one with them on day 1.


Congratulations to the members of the 2015-16 RBJHS Cheer Squad:

Riley B.
Natalie C.
Brook C.
Riley Jo D.
Sydney D.
Gillian F.
Claire H.
Alaina H.
Josie K.
Catie K.
Carolyn M.
Erin Q.
Abbey P.
Emma W.
Chaysea W.


Track members: Monday June 1 there will be an informal track banquet from 2:10-3:30. Parents are invited. A shuttle bus will be provided back to Roanoke immediately afterwards.