End of the Year Library Fines

Fines are due by the end of the day on Thursday, May 19th in order to qualify for Friday’s activities.  Talk to or email Mrs. Unzicker (sunzicker@rb60.com) with questions about fines.

Ben A., Elissa B., Brayden B., Grace B., Caylyn C., Austin C., Cameron C., Brooke C.

Jayden D., Brittney D., Sydney D., Toren D., James E., Gavin G., Michael G., Alaina H.

Ian H., Kamryn K., Destyne K., Chris K., Dixie K., Gianna L., Brady L., Natasha M.

Amy M., Olivia M., Braden O., Riley O., Jaden P., Haley P., Jaden R., Michael R., John R.,

Rosemary R., Ryan S., Blake S., Heather S., Max T., Renner T., Luke W., Joel W.,

Anna W., Matthew W., Emma W.


8th grade high school students

Any 8th grade girl interested in playing high school basketball we have a meeting May 16 at 6:30 in the lounge at the high school. 

Any 8th grade student interested in playing high school soccer there is a meeting on Friday May 13 at 4:00 in the high school commons.

Children’s Hospital of Illinois fundraiser at RBJHS

Kids Helping Kids Fundraiser – FINAL RESULTS!





# of students that have participated


Mr. Hunter


21 of 21 – 100%!!!


Mrs. Hummel


16 of 22


Mrs. Eeten


15 of 22


Mrs. Curley


11 of 15


Mrs. Jenkins


14 of 15 GREAT!


Mr. Fellner


10 of 18


Mr. Martin


7 of 20


Mrs. Halvorsen


6 of 21


School total including additional donations = $4043!!! A HUGE thank you to the everyone who participated!! You guys are AWESOME!