Student Fines

Students must pay all fines/fees before end of the year field trips. Names in bold have a library book at least one month overdue and/or owe over $2.00 in library fines.

B, La Najia                  H, Ian                                       O, Isaak

B, Elissa                       H, Devin                                  O, Madalyn

B, Riley                         N, Asia                                     P, Kiefer

B, Savannah                H, Dexter                                  P, Jaden

P, Abbey

B, Levi                         H, Reuben                               P Alex

B, Zeb                          H, Abby                                    P, Haley

B, Jarrett                      H, Jordan                                R, Michael

B Becca                      K, McKinze                              R, Charlie

B, Brayden                   K, Ashton                                 R, John

                                    K, Keenan                               R, Brynn

B, Jacob                      K, Destyne                               R Mason

B, Emma                     K, Sienna                                S, Carter

B, Eryn                         K, Dixie                                  S, Paige

B, Lydia                       L, Bailey                                  S, Gavin

B, Cody                       L, Brady

B, Brock                       L, Whitney                               S, Ryan

C, Caylyn                     L, Peter                                     S, Blake

C, Loghan                    L, Dalton                                  S, Brock

C, Mason                     M, Daniel                                 S, Anna

C, Braden                    M Daniel                                  S, Duncan

C, Natalie                    M, Natasha                              S, Gabby

C, Tyler                      M, Zach                                   S, Heather

C, Lane                       M, Blake                                  S, Ozzy

C, Cameron              M, Chase                                 T, Jason

C, Brooke                   M, Payton                                T, Jayden

D, Rylie-Jo                   M, Amy                                   V, Hannah

D, Brittney                   M, Devinn                               W, Luke

E, James                      M, Codee                                 W, Kinley

E, Jenna                      M, Jared

F, Jimmy                     M, Ben                                     W, Jake

F, Taylor                      M Carolyn                                W, Jett

F, Gillian                     M, Doug                                   W, Matthew

F, Andrew                    M, John                                   W, Victoria

G, River                       M, Olivia                                  W, Chaysea

G, Logan                     N, Tommy                              W Collin

G, Gavin                      N Jacob                                   W, Isaac

G, Luke                       N, Logan

G, Lea                         N, Alex

H, Logan                      O, Braden

H, Sydney                    O, Noah                                   

H, Claire                      O, Riley

H, Kyla                         O, Patrick

O, Tim


Email Issues

We continue to hear from some parents that they are not getting emails from school on a timely basis. This issue seems to be centered on those who have a Yahoo email address. The issue has been reported to the company who operates our student management program and we are awai’ng on them for an answer. In the interim, please check our school website and Facebook for updates.

Field trips permission slips and money

Lots of permission slips and money due soon. Please take note:

-All school skating, permission slip and money are due Monday March 23- $ 8.00

-8th grade CLC permission slip and lunch money are due Wednesday April, 8.

-8th grade Six Flags field trip permission slip and money are due April 22- $ 35.00