RBJHS Baseball 2015

RBJHS Baseball practice begins Monday, August 3rd. The first practice will be from 7:00-10:30 AM. Shuttle bus will leave Roanoke at 6:45 AM. All players must have a current physical on file or bring one with them on day 1.


Congratulations to the members of the 2015-16 RBJHS Cheer Squad:

Riley B.
Natalie C.
Brook C.
Riley Jo D.
Sydney D.
Gillian F.
Claire H.
Alaina H.
Josie K.
Catie K.
Carolyn M.
Erin Q.
Abbey P.
Emma W.
Chaysea W.


Track members: Monday June 1 there will be an informal track banquet from 2:10-3:30. Parents are invited. A shuttle bus will be provided back to Roanoke immediately afterwards.


Library Fines for May

If your name is listed below, please see Mrs. Unzicker about an unpaid library fine. Parents, please email Mrs. Unzicker at sunzicker@rb60.com if you have any questions.

Levi B., Jacob B., Caylyn C., Brittney D., James E., Olivia M., Blake S., Matthew W.

RBJHS Top Readers for 2014-15


Congratulations to the following students who were the top Rebecca Caudill readers for the school year. 5th Grade: Riley B; 6th Grade: Braden O.; 7th Grade: Lucy U.; 8th Grade: Liz S.



Congratulations to the students who read at least 10 Rebecca Caudill books for the school year: Carolyn M., Abbey P., Clara H., Hannah C., Lucy U., Liz S., Codee M.

RBJHS State Track Results



Congratulations to the RBJHS Track members who participated this weekend at the IESA State Meet: Their results are below:


T. Nino.: 800m run 20th place 2:24:47
T. Weldon: High Jump 12th place 4’11
O. Surratt.: 1600m run 47th place
L. Gastman: High Jump 15th place 5’3

4×100 (L. Haines, J. Weber, O. Surratt, Z. Mangold, T. Clark-alternate)
14th place 50.02


M. Oltman: 200m 19th place 28.22
LJ 48th place
P. Sauder: 400m 8th place 1:03.79
HJ 8th place 4’8
A. Hoopingarner: 1600m 36th 6:41:30

4×200 (M. Oltman, P. Sauder, A. Nino, L. Oltman, C. Moser-alternate)
17th place 1:58.91


2015-16 Student Council Members

Congratulations to next year’s members of Student Council:
8th Grade–
B. Getz
E. Hoffman
C. Hodel
W. Leman
D. Smith

7th Grade–
J. Brown
K. Kearfott
M. Monge
M. Rasmuson
B. Rossman

6th Grade–
L. Getz
D. Hodel
C. Remmners
R. Thompson
W. Thompson