July 28, 2021

Dear Roanoke-Benson CUSD 60 Parents:

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  A special welcome to all new families in our school district. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer vacation and are ready for a new school year. Our talented staff is planning and preparing to welcome students for the first day of school on August 19. We are hopeful the new school year will be as normal as possible with full days of school (regular dismissal) and optional face masks.  Our administration and nurses will continue to monitor the virus and make adjustments as appropriate. 

Online Registration Process

  • The school registration process will be completed online again this year and all forms are available through the Parent Portal. All registration forms need to be filled out and electronically submitted by August 4, 2021 for the registration process to be complete. A parent may utilize the “Student 360” application on a smartphone to access the registration process and have an unlimited number of times in which to log in.  Below is a list of the forms that will need to be completed:

  • Household parents - Parent needs to confirm or update names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

  • Household addresses - Parent needs to confirm or update the address of the primary residence as well as update the mailing address.

  • Student Information - Parent needs to confirm the spelling of student names and add a student cell phone number.

  • Emergency Contact - Parent needs to confirm or update Emergency Contact(s) information.

  • Non-resident Parents - Complete information for parents who are not currently living in the same residence as the child.

  • National School Lunch Program Application - free lunches are available to all our students again this school year.  

  • Military Service - This survey is required by the state so we can determine which students come from military families.

  • Technology Fee Waiver - Register student/family-owned computers.  Once the school reviews this form, a fee waiver will be entered into the student's account.  This form is only for students in grades five through twelve.

  • Request to use district-owned Chromebook - If your child does not have their own Chromebook, they can request one from the school.  This form is only for students in grades five through twelve.

  • Vehicle Registration - Register a student vehicle that will be parked at school.

  • Over-the-Counter Medicine Approval - Parent completes to indicate if it is permissible for the school to give your student over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

  • Bus Routes-  Students who ride country bus routes will receive a phone call from their bus driver on approximate pick up time. Students riding shuttles from either Roanoke or Benson can find which shuttle they are on by viewing the documents here:

    If your child is not on a shuttle list or if you have transportation questions, call Mr. Streit-309-394-2233.

  • Lunch Payments -

    Lunches will be free again this school year.  Please do not deposit new funds into lunch accounts.

Fee and Fines Information

The fees and fines that need to be paid at this time have already been assigned to families in the parent portal.  With the exception of participation fees for athletics and activities, fees and fines should be paid prior to the first day of school. Participation fees will be assigned to athletes after rosters for those activities have been set, and fees will be due prior to the first contest of the season.  Students who are in driver’s education have been assigned a $200 fee for the behind-the-wheel portion of class.  That fee has to be paid before the behind-the-wheel portion begins, and the fee will appear in the parent portal, but it does not have to be paid right away.  If there are any questions about the fees that are assigned, feel free to contact the building principal. 

​Registration fees are dependent upon the grade level of your student.  For students in grades Kindergarten through fifth, the registration fee is $70.  For students in grades six through twelve, the registration fee is broken into two parts: a textbook fee of $45 and a technology fee of $60.  For students who are in grades five through twelve, an option is available to waive the technology fee if the student is providing their own Chromebook or laptop.  The school will grant a fee waiver for students who have registered their computer using the Technology Fee Waiver form. Those waivers will appear after the district has reviewed your registration forms.

Additional Information

  • Sowers Elementary School class rosters will be posted on the main entrance window on the afternoon of August 16, 2021.

  • The following forms are available for download:

We hope you find our updated, online registration system convenient.  If you have questions, please contact the school office.  Please remember, all registration forms need to be completed by August 4, 2021. 

We look forward to an exciting new school year,

Thomas J. Welsh