Tessa Feazel Student Spotlight

Tessa is a 12th grade student who competes in cross country and track. She is a member of the RBHS Giving Gals and loves giving back to her school and community. She has committed to run track and cross country at Cottey College next year.

- RBHS Student Spotlight


Alivia is a 6th grade student who loves to draw and spend time with her cat, Pip. She also enjoys reading and Math. Alivia is a member of the RBJHS Scholastic Bowl team, Student Council, and assists with the yearbook.

- RBJHS Student Spotlight


Cason is in second grade. His favorite activity is disc golfing. Once in Florida on a bike ride Cason rode over a snake while it was slithering! Cason's favorite color is orange.

- Sowers Student Spotlight

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