Congratulations to the 2014 National Honor Society Inductees

NHSRoanoke-Benson High School’s annual dinner and induction ceremony for the Roanoke-Benson Chapter of the National Honor Society will be held Monday, April 28, 2014 at 6:30 p.m., in the high school study hall. Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest recognition a public school can bestow upon its students.

To be eligible for membership consideration, students must have at least a cumulative grade point average of 10 (B+) on a twelve-point scale. Additionally, potential members must meet high standards of leadership, service, and character. A five-member faculty council determines membership. Leadership is based on the student’s participation in community or school activities or election to an office. To meet the service requirement, the student should be active in school and community service projects. Character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, ethics, and cooperation with both students and faculty.

This year ten students will be inducted into the Society:

    • Clayton Barth
    • Madeline Blunier
    • Nichole Daugherty
    • Nicholas Hoffman
    • Abigail Hubner
    • Derek Kennell
    • Madison Leman
    • Curt Moser
    • Tiffany Mullins
    • Sadie Schneider

Roanoke-Benson High School’s faculty and staff congratulate our new inductees.